Marketing Master

Save Yourself….Time, Money, and Stress When it Comes to Your Marketing.

What will your business look like in three months? Do you know how you’re going to get there or will you still be right where you are now?

If Your Marketing Plan is Vague or Even Non-Existent — It’s Ok.
Take a deep breath because we are going to fix this together.

In Three Months, The Marketing Master Program
Will Teach You How to:

  • Objectively assess your current marketing efforts to see what’s working and where you’re wasting time and money.
  • Identify what your ideal customers are really looking for and how you can attract more of them.
  • Define your vision and goals for the future of your business.
  • Set up systems to save you time and reach customers faster and easier – less time and more money.
  • Create a three-month marketing plan built for YOUR Business.
  • Re-create that plan again and again as your business grows.

In three months you’ll be farther along than you’ll be in six months or even a year of reading about marketing on the internet.

Ready to Master Your Marketing?

You Can Create a Focused and Efficient Marketing Plan.

You just need a little help to get there.

The Marketing Master Program is three months to measure, plan, create and execute your marketing strategy, tailored to your business.

If you’re feeling:

  • Overwhelmed by all the different kinds of marketing out there.
  • Unsure if your efforts are working or not.
  • Stuck, without a plan to grow your business.
  • Like you’re walking in a circle without a map.
  • Like you just want someone to show you the right way to go.

Marketing Master is For You

How it Works:

Through guided instruction, foundational lessons and six one-on-one workshops – in person or through video call – we’ll work through your business from the ground up.

  • You’ll discover what’s working and what needs to be left behind
  • Create foundational shifts to move your business forward.
  • Build systems that work for YOU, save you time, and help you convert more customers.
  • And you learn how to create a three-month marketing plan that will grow with you.

When we’re finished you’ll feel confident to head out into the big, wide open on your own with a map and a compass to define your next steps.

Katie delivers experience, professionalism, and support in an easily understood package

Mike Smith – Outdoor Sport Institute

Time Commitment:

How are we going to accomplish this in three months? I know you’re busy with this incredible business you’ve built, so this program is designed to be flexible.

However, You’ll still need to commit two to three hours per week to read and complete assignments.

  • You’ll receive the email lessons on the first and third weeks of each month.
  • We’ll meet up to discuss lessons in detail for your business the second and fourth weeks in each month.
  • We can meet through video calls or in person in the Bozeman area, and you can choose any time that works for you through my scheduler.
  • This gives you the ability to shuffle busy weeks and really dive deep into the lessons and feedback.


The Marketing Master program is $2500 or three monthly payments of $933.

Think about how much money you’ve already lost from ad campaigns that missed the mark and potential customers who haven’t understood how you can help them?

I designed this program so you can stop chasing your tail, and create a path to success that fits your business. When you invest in this 1-on-1 program you’ll:

  • know how to evaluate your marketing efforts and fine-tune them to work even better.
  • Understand what to expect when you speak to agencies or freelancers.
  • Be able to call the shots with your own marketing objectives. That is priceless.

Marketing Master will bridge the gap between just starting your business and hiring out marketing help. And you’ll be able to make better choices for less money when you do decide to hire a marketing professional.

“I wish I had recorded our chat. So much good advice is hard to soak up completely.”

Mike Greener – Greener Visuals

Why do I need a Coach to be a Marketing Master?

Sure, you could spend hours and hours each week reading free blogs and podcasts to learn concepts, but how will you apply them to YOUR unique business?

As your coach, I will give you:

  • Customized advice you can put to use right away.
  • The 4,000ft view of your business.
  • Someone in your corner rooting and supporting for you.

In three months you’ll be farther along than you’ll be in six months or even a year of reading about marketing on the internet.

You and Your Business Deserve This.